.: Quote for da day :.

Tanggalkanlah pakaian duka cita dan putus asa,
Lantas pakailah pakaian jihad dgn AKTIF, tanpa MALAS,
Perhalusi kematian sbg satu seni sehingga anda tahu bagaimana menghirupnya apabila tiada jalan lain,
Tanpa ketakutan

- Dr Yusuf AlQardhawi.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

A blissful start (^ ^)

DELL inspiron 1420
Windows Vista(TM) Home Basic
Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Duo
CPU T5850 @ 2.16 GHz
3.00 GB RAM
Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family
Computer Name: HUSNAHUDA-PC

Many things has to install all over again because we has switched it from Windows XP to Vista.

Why Vista?

Microsoft has sold over 100million licenses of Vista since the introduction of operating system last February. Besides, this number supposedly well distributed around the world. We wanted to find out why so many people hesitate to buy Vista and hence, we conducted an online survey.

"My current programs won't run since they are incompatible with Vista," dreaded about 22 percent of those surveyed.

They are not completely wrong in their assertion. Even with an installed XP emulator, some programs refused to operate in Vista.

More than a year after Vista's release, frustrated users feel that they have been unknowingly tangled in a beta test of incomplete software. Service Pack 1 (SP1) seems to provide relief to the disgruntled. Microsoft hopes that the release of SP1 will make Vista a full-fledged operating system.


Improvements brought are not really a new feature; it's often just a simple bugfix. All the same, one can say with a clear conscience that it's now safe to upgrade. Vista was inheritely safe and stable, but with Service Pack 1, Microsoft has now improved the performance and repaired annoying errors and memory leaks in the system. Vista is also assured of a good future with the support of new technologies like EFI-BIOS and exFAT.

Performance: Vista is much faster with SP1. Microsoft still asserts that an 800MHz PC with 512MB RAM and a DirectX 9 graphics card should be enough to run the system smoothly. In practice however, it turns out that Vista performs best only on the latest CPUs with dual-core technology and a minimum of 1GB RAM. Still there are performance problems even with fast computers: music crackles, power consumption on notebooks is extremely high, and it still takes ages for Vista to launch. recource sparing, stability and faster operations are still the mainstays of the proven success of Windows XP. Microsoft has, however, improved considerably with the service pack.

1. Copying faster: with SP1>> 18% higher while copying locally and 33% higher over the network.
2. Enjoying music without interfere.
3. New appearence: astonishing syle of windows and start bar.
4. Notebooks holdout longer.

Security: Better protection against viruses & heckers. But improvements only benefit corporate customers.
1. Encypting data.
2. Better updates.
3. Reliable info.

Reliability: Windows crashes less with SP1.
1. Lesser data loss.
2. Better drivers.
3. Support for new hardware: also for new exFAT file system and upcoming SD cards with SD ADMA (advanced DMA)

- dipetik dari CHIP MALAYSIA, edisi 15, May 2008.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Stranger in The Dark

A few months before I was born, my dad met a stranger who was new to our small town. From the beginning, dad was fascinated with the enchanting newcomer, and soon invited him to live with our family. The stranger was quickly accepted and was around to welcome in me into the world a few months later.

As I grew up, I never questioned his place in our family. In my young mind, each member had a special niche. My brother, Bilal, five years my senior, was my example. Fatima, my younger sister, gave me the opportunity to play big brother and develop the art of teasing. My parents were complementary instructors. Mom thought me to love the word of Allah, and dad told me to obey it.

But the stranger was our storyteller. He could weave the most fascinating tales. Adventures, mysteries and comedies were daily conversations. He could hold our whole family spell bound for hours each evening. If I wanted to know about politics, history, or science, he knew it.

He knew about the past, understood the present and seemingly could predict the future. The pictures he could draw so life that I would often laugh or cry as I listened. He was like a friend to the whole family. He took dad, Bilal and me to our first major league baseball game. He was always encouraging us to see the movies and he even made arrangements to introduce us to several movies stars.

The stranger was an incessant talker. Dad didn't seem to mind but sometimes mom would quietly get up while the rest of us were enthralled with one of his stories far away places, go to her room and read her Qur'an and pray. I wonder now if she ever prayed that the stranger would leave.

You see, my dad ruled out our household with certain moral convictions. But the stranger never felt an obligation to honor them. Profanity, for example, was not allowed in our house- not for some of us, from our friends or adults.

Our longtime visitor however used occasionally four letter words the turn my ears and made dad squirm. To my knowledge, the stranger was never confronted. My father was a teetotaler who didn't permit alcohol in his home, as well as Muslims should. but the stranger felt like we needed exposure and enlightened us to other ways of life. He offered us beer and other alcohol beverages often. He made cigarettes look tasty, cigars mainly, and pipes distinguished. He talk freely (probably too much, too freely) about sex. His comments sometimes blatant, sometimes suggestive, and generally embarrassing. I know that the stranger influenced my early concepts of man-woman relationship.

As I look back, I believe it was the grace of Allah that the stranger did not influence us more. Time after time, he apposed the values of my parents. Yet, he was seldom rebuked and never asked to leave. More than thirty years have passed since the stranger moved in with the young family on Wan Gee Road. He is not nearly as intriguing to my dad as he was in those early years. But if I were to talk into my parents' den today, you would still see him sitting over in a corner waiting for someone to listen to to his talk and watch him draw his pictures. His name you ask? We called him TV.

" O Lord! Forgive us our sins and expiate from us our devil deeds, and make us die in the state of rightousness."

--An award winning short story. I couldn't remember which award. But this story really open my eyes and letting me see TV in other perspective.

" Ya Rabb kami, jgnlah Engkau jadikan hati kami condong kpd kesesatan sesudah Engkau memberi petunjuk kpd kami, dan kurniakanlah kpd kami rahmat dari sisi Engkau kerana sesungguhnya Engkaulah Maha Pemberi Kurnia." [Ali-Imran : 8]

Friday, July 18, 2008

Dua Jasad Satu Jiwa

17th July 2008 was a memorable date 4 my cousin, Hasanah bt Khairuddin as she has upgraded from anak dara' to a status>>> WIFE of Mohd Suhail (her husband for sure). Ceh, sound like taekwando uprgrading belt.hehe (^ ^) Our family has expanded.

The Akad Nikah Ceremony held in Malaysian Hall, Cairo and 'Kenduri Kahwin' held in Masjid Salam for men and in a hall (x remember the name) for women in 1oth District(Hayyu 3asyir), Cairo, Egypt.

Okay, here a little bit glimps on both bride & bridegroom:

Hasanah Khairuddin
3rd child of Auntie Hidayat (my mom's younger sister)
ex-SMIHidayah, Johor Bahru
3rd yr of Shari3ah Degree, AlAzhar University, Alexandria, Egypt

Mohd Suhail Mohd Sufian
1st yr of Shari3ah Degree, AlAzhar University, Tanta, Egypt

Married while studying? Once, in Tibbians Tanta group discussed bout this topic.Ada yg menerima, ada yg menolak. Hakikatnya jodoh pertemuan di tangan Allah. Allah berhak dan lebih tahu keadaan dan situasi hambaNya. In my opinion:


1. Terjaga hati, terjaga diri.
2. Terjaga makan pakai. (mostly to guys)
3. Boleh bincang2 tanpa batas tentang pembelajaran.(widely open conversation>>open minded)
4. Hidup lebih senang. (ikut cakap suami je~yg syar3ie, da boleh masuk syurga)
5. Tambah pengalaman hidup.
6. Ikut sunnah Rasul s.a.w


1. Penambahan tanggungjawab.
2. Peruntukan masa utk belajar dah terbahagi kpd byk bahagian.
3. Peruntukan kewangan juga terlibat sama.
4. Jika dikurniakan anak, banyak lagi benda yang harus difikirkan. (duit, makan dan pakai)

Walau apapun, alfi mabruk buat pasangan mempelai. Semoga bahtera ini terus menongkah arus dunia dengan bekalan taqwa dan toleransi di samping membawa syiar islam, iman dan dakwah dalam kehidupan berumahtangga.

Ingatlah, daulah islam terbina bermula dari hidupnya syakhsiyah islamiyah, usrah kamilah, dan mujtama3 ta3awun.

Credits to Auntie Diyana for her willingness to make a video on Hasanah's wedding. Terubat sedih sbb x dapat menemani Hasanah di hari penuh bermakna buat dirinya. Buatla keduri kat Malaysia sebelum saya kembali terbang ke Mesir Oktober ini...please..(ske hati je)


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sabar dan syukur

Petang Khamis 17 Julai.

Penat menaiki 3 pesawat hampir 13 jam belum lagi hilang. Debaran menerima natijah final xam pula menerjah. Agak gementar juga menunggu jawapan dari rakan seperjuangan yg masih berada di Tanta. At last, here it comes..... Jayyid jiddan a.k.a Vgood or marks ranged between 75% - 84%. Betul ke ni? Unbelievable! Rasa mcm kene repeat paper Physio n Biochem.(siap bawak balik mesia buku :P)

~Tanta U developed on9 result!!! Congrats~

Alhamdulillah syukur... itu sahaja yg mampu di lafazkan. Berita gembira ini di kongsi bersama family dan relatives terdekat. Cepat pula keputusan peperiksaan kali ini keluar! Sebelum ini sangatlah lambat. Alhamdulillah, peningkatan terbaru sistem dan perkhidmatan yg disediakan pihak universiti. Moga semakin maju dari hari ke hari. (^ ^)

Result. What should we do with it?

1. Be patient.

"Boleh jadi kamu membenci sesuatu, padahal ia amat baik bgmu, dan boleh jadi (pula) kamu menyukai sesuatu, padahal ia amat buruk bgmu, Allah mengetahui sedang kamu tidak mengetahui." [AlBaqarah: 216]

2. Syukur. (syukur byk, nanti Allah tambah! Motto ummiku :P)

" Kerana itu, ingatlah kamu kpdKu, nescaya Aku ingat(pula) kepadamu, dan bersyukurlah kpdKu, dan jgnlah kamu mengingkari (nikmat) Ku." [AlBaqarah: 152]

3. Reflect, whether it is 'istidraj' or nikma'

4. Make an evaluation.

- Did recent exams really make us close to HIM?

" Dan apabila hamba-hambaKu bertanya kpdmu ttg Aku, maka (jawablah) bhwsanya Aku adalah dekat. Aku mengabulkan permohonan org yg berdoa apabila ia memohon kpdKu, maka hendaklah mereka itu memenuhi (sgl perintah)-Ku dan hemdaklah mereka beriman kpdKu agar mereka selalu berada dlm kebenaran." [Al Baqarah: 186]

- Did I try my very own best? All out?
- Why did I get going through exams just like others?
- What should I overcome? Stress? Laziness? Overcomfident-ness? Undercomfident-ness?
- How to improve myself?

Kita perlu berubah untuk berjaya. Mahukan sesuatu yg berbeza, usahanya perlu berbeza! Takkan impikan mumtaz, tetapi usaha yg dilakukan sekadar melepas batuk di tangga?

"Sesungguhnya Allah tidak akan mengubah nasib sesuatu kaum melainkan mereka sendiri yang mengubahnya. Dan apabila Allah menghendaki keburukan terhadap sesuatu kaum, maka tiada yg dpt menolaknya, dan sekali2 tiada pelindung bagi mereka selain Dia." [Ar-Ra'ad: 11]

Orang yg berjaya biasanya akan melakukan perkara yg org lain tidak suka lakukan.

Thus, what should I do next?

1. Put my intention 'studying only for Allah's sake' [everytime I open my book]
2. Enhance my understanding on every subject. (1st & 2nd yr)
3. Pay a full attention to every lecture + attending it.
4. Do notes b4 & revise them after lectures.
5. Help others.
6. Put 1st thing 1st!

Apa yg 'baik' adalah apa yg Allah dan RasulNya kata baik. Bukan pandangan manusia..

I'm thrilled to proceed to next year, wow! Must be very challenging n exciting! I can't wait!

~ Pelajar mithali Pathology to be :P~

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Malaysia ~ Here I come!!!

Rindu ini tidak dapat dibendung lagi. Mengapa??? Kira punya kira, hampir 2 tahun tidak menjeguk pekan, kampung, dan tanah air 'terchenta'. (T_ T) Pelan percutian masih belum disiapkan gara² risau akan result. Tetapi perancangan jangka pendek had savely stored in short term memory; dalam kotak ingatan a.k.a. otak.

Tiket sudah dibeli, barang² utk keluarga..cadangnya lebih banyak dibeli di Dubai nanti.

~Alex airport scene~

~Chocolate in flight~

~KLIA, waiting to check-in flight to Alor Setar, Kedah~

~Departing..Home sweet home~

Apa yg perlu aku buat sekembalinya ke rumah?
1. Qada' makan makanan yg xde dan xleh dibuat di mesir (due to lack of ingredients n skills)
2. Qada' buku2 & novels yg xdan nk baca.
3. Birru walidayn.
4. Ziarah family, relatives n friends.
5. Berlatih bwk kete n motor. (Renew P license)
6. Fikir nantilah, hehehe. Enjoying 'homestay' with nenek and her beloved durians. :P

Seniman Negara Sudirman - Balik kampung ^ ^

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Alexandria a.k.a Iskandariah

Another trip thet organized by our faculty. What made it special was it was held for Malaysian students ONLY. 'Seronok!' mmg ungkapan biasa bila ditanya tentang sebarang lawatan.

~nama perpustakaan Iskandariah [BIBLIOTHECA ALEXANDRINA]~

~Sekitar permandangan dari tingkat 4~

~ Ahli rombongan lawatan~

Next, Pharmaceutical Company. Syarikat yg mempunyai 7 anak syarikat ini rupa2nya mengeluarkan produk kapsul habbatussauda'(bijirin hitam) 'Baraka' yg sering menjadi buah tangan para pelajar Malaysia yg kembali ke tanah air. Hanya satu sahaja gambar di sini kerana tidak dibenarkan bergambar di dalam syarikat.

~ Posing di perkarangan kilang~

Pantai Puteri Laut (Umara' ElBahriyah) -if i'm not mistaken-Destinasi terakhir sore itu. Singgah di resort milik Dr. Samia El-Dardiri, dan berkenalan dgn 2org kaum ibu yg bersantai melepas pandangan ke laut. Dari apa yg diperkatakan, this place was a private beach for navy. Patutlah lengang!!

~Tenang damai melihat ciptaan Ilahi~

Final destination, Carrefour shopping complex. Berhenti sebentar utk mengalas perut dan terus bertolak pulang, exhausted! Tanta welcomed us around 3a.m.

~Carrefour Alex~

~At our buses b4 returned back to Tanta~

Thursday, July 03, 2008

MALANG belum pernah berbau

Malang x berbau.. benar! Sehingga kini ia tidak pernah berbau.. Sebelum tiba dan sebelum ia berlaku.

Setelah 3 hari peristiwa ini berlaku, namun ia masih meninggalkan sedikit sebanyak trauma kepada meraka yg ditimpa malang. Malang? Sebenarnya jika dimuhasabah kembali, bukan malang yang menimpa, tetapi pengajaran dan kasih sayang Allah yg tiba.

Pepatah dan peribahasa terdahulu banyak membawa pengertian.
Sediakan payung sebelum hujan.

Ya benar, dan benar-benar belaka. Dunia ini hanya tempat persinggahan, pinjaman Allah kepada kita. Nyawa, iman, anggota tubuh, kesihatan, pakaian, tempat tinggal, bukan milik mutlak kita.Once He give, He has the right to take it back. Oleh itu, beringat²lah wahai diri, sebelum tibanya kesulitan, sebelum tibanya ujian, sebelum tibanya kematian, bersedialah! Berbekallah!Sesungguhnya sebaik² bekalan adalah taqwa.
Berakit-rakit ke hulu berenang-renang ke tepian, bersakit-sakit dahulu, bersenang-senang kemudian.
Nikmat x akan dapat dicapai dengan nikmat.
Terpanggil menelusuri kisah perjuangan Rasulullah s.a.w yang penuh dengan peluh, air mata dan darah. Hanya semata² ingin melihat dunia diselaputi keindahan dan keizzahan Islam dan Iman. Hasilnya, Islam menakluki hampir 2/3 dunia suatu masa dahulu.Mengapa? Bagaimana? Jawapannya, usaha yg berterusan, tanpa kenal erti penat dan jemu. Kerana apa? Bagaimana usaha tanpa penat dan jemu? Kerana niatnya bersih lillahi ta3ala dan matlamatnya jauh dan jelas; akhirat dan syurga semata. Secara materinya, Rasulullah dinobatkan sebagai manusia pertama paling berpengaruh di DUNIA. Kalau diukur ganjaran ukhrawi, tentulah baginda mendiami syurga tertinggi.
Teringat pula cerita motivasi pencipta lampu, Thomas Alva Edison dengan beribu kali kegagalannya untuk menyalakan sebiji mentol. Ia bukan didefinasikan sebagai kegagalan, tetapi kejayaan untuk mencipta pelbagai cara. Akhirnya, kita resah dan gelisah jika bekalan elektrik terputus, hampir lumpuh kerja² seharian. Biar sakit pada mulanya; gagal dan kecewa, tetapi teruskan usaha.

"Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration." - Thomas Alva Edison, Harper's Monthly (September 1932)

Kalau tak dipecahkan ruyung mana 'kan dapat sagunya

Morals today:
1. Berhati-hati di jalan raya ingatlah orang tersayang.
2. Bahasa, aset penting dan nilai seorang manusia.

3. Sihat, nikmat yang jarang disyukuri. Terasa bila sakit bertandang.

4. Allah pemilik segalanya, Dia berhak mengurniakan dan berhak mengambilnya semula.

5. Setiap apa yg berlaku, pasti ada hikmah yg terselit bersamanya. Cuma perlu peka dan sabar.

6. MESIR (Mim, sad, ra'): mim = musibah, sad = sabar, ra = redha.


Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Being Tagged!!

DUMYAT ~ bersama 'tagger' ^ ^
Salam3aleik.. semenjak berblog, sejujurnya saya tidak pernah di 'tag'. Apa itu tag? Setelah berkira2 dan menanyakan org yg men'tag' saya.. barulah ketemu jawapannya. ^ ^

Apa itu TAG?
Credits to wikipedia: tag (referring the point which I talk about) means the process of marking up words as corresponding to a particular part of speech, or personal identifier.

Once being tagged, it's easy, just answer the questions sincerely, what crossed ur mind, and put it into words. X perlu fikir lama2 dan x perlu karang panjang2. Senang bukan?

Apa faedahnya?
1. Menghargai org yg tag kita. (actually, being tagged means, the 'tagger' wants to know bout ourself, by how we answer the given questions)

2. Mengisi blogpost. (bg org yg ske update blog hari2) ^ ^

3. Kadang2 soalan tu juga membawa kepada evaluation diri. (depends on the question)

So, after bouncing back and forth the rationality, I've accepting the tag from my dear friend. Here it goes..............

[1*] Berapa lama anda dah sertai usrah?

Sejujurnya, seseriusnya sejak berumur 15 tahun (form 4). Utk menjawab soalan 19-15 tahun, sudah 4 tahun saya secara serius mengikuti usrah. Sebelum tu xserius sangat, mungkin sbb dah disusun oleh sekolah, so sbg murid yg baik (perasan) ikut je la program yang disediakan. Tapi mula mengenal usrah mungkin seawal usia dalam perut ummi lagi..ikot ummi pegi usrah..

[2*] Bagaimana anda boleh sertai usrah?

Seperti jawapan di atas, masa kecik ikut ummi, dah skolah ikot program sekolah. Alhamdulillah sekarang, masih ada penerusan.

[3*] Kenapa anda menyertai usrah?

1. Masa kecik (dalam perut ummi, so mana ummi pegi kene ikut)
2. Masa sekolah (ikut peraturan sekolah)
3. Sedar yang manusia memerlukan orang lain a.k.a. teman utk sama2 memelihara iman dan nikmat2 lain, dari tenggelam dalam kekufuran. Preserve ur emaan..sayang woo as it can't passed through heritage.

[4*] Tiga perasaan anda setelah menyertai usrah

1. Tenang
2. Terpelihara
3. Terbina dan bangkit jiwa

[5*] Lima perkara yang anda dapat selama menyertai usrah

1. Islam agama yg syumul.
2. Hidup ada matlamat (akhirat).
3. Kesatuan fikrah imaniah kesatuan mutlak.
4. Iman ada turun ada naik, sbb itu pentingnya peringatan buat orang mu'min.
5. Perbaiki diri dan ajak orang lain.

Peraturan Tag:
1. Setiap blogger mesti letakkan peraturan ini di hujung entri
2. Blogger yang ditag perlu menjawab soalan-soalan yang dikemukakan
3. Blogger yang ditag perlu meletakkan jawapan di dalam entri blog masing-masing
4. Jangan lupa untuk tag rakan-rakan blogger yang lain
5. Jangan lupa untuk maklumkan bahawa mereka telah ditag dan perlu membaca blog anda
6. Blogger yang ditag dikehendaki untuk tag lima orang blogger yang lain

ok, sekadar mengikut peraturan tag...orang yang di tag ialah:
1. Habibti Husna sani
2. Ukhti Faten Liyana
3. Ukhti Asiyah Nordin
4. Ukhti Ruqayyah
5. Ukhti Farah Lokman


Tuesday, July 01, 2008

2B >>>> Blogging Beneficial?

t was just like to carry out the pros bout having a blog. Have we got da same benefits? Lets check them out!

1. B4 posting an entry, we might hv a general idea bout what should we post, how should we present, and the main point is the content of the post rite? So, what drives us to contribute to this blog is feeling of 'want' or by another meaning.. MAHU.. mahu menulis, mahu berkongsi dan mahu menyampaikan. That r what I've got. Another progress from me :D I can counter my laziness n besides, it can eliminate my feeling of 'mengantuk' just after I opened my book. (this syndrome occur ONLY during XAMs, tension btol!)

'Orang yang paling beraqal ialah orang yang sentiasa melakukan sesuatu untuk akhirat dengan keyakinan bahawa akhirat itu lebih baik dan kekal selamanya.'

2. I tend to make my presentation (in this blog..'posting' I mean) more exciting. Exciting for me means it is not at the same way of presentation.. kadang2 ada gambar (itu satu kemestian), sumtimes just lay the video, kadang2 berita, kadang2 ada cerpen..(bila la nk letak cerpen aku sendiri nih?) By doing this, I feel that I can force my mind to be more critical...Kene bergerak, dinamik baru bleh jadi produktif..! >>As I'm not the 'can bear the repetitive condition' type.. (rapidly adapting type) lol ^ ^!

"Tidak layak bagi orang yang memiliki akal fikiran yg BIJAK dan ADAB yg tinggi duduk di kampungnya, pergilah BERLAYAR untuk menuntut ilmu. Berlayarlah, maka dengan cara itu engkau akan mendapat ganti atas apa yang telah engkau tinggalkan, dan berSUSAH-PAYAHlah kerana kesenangan hidup itu akan dikecapi selepas kita bersusah-payah pada mulanya. Aku melihat AIR akan menjadi rosak jika dia tidak mengalir, apabila dia berGERAK dia akan menjadi BERSIH dan jika sebaliknya dia akan berbau busuk. Dan SINGA kalaulah dia tidak keluar dari hutan dia TIDAK akan mendapat mangsanya, dan ANAK PANAH jika dia tidak lepas dari busarnya pasti TIDAK akan TEPAT sasarannya. Dan MATAHARI jika kekal di tempatnya yg sama pasti akan menjadikan manusia dari orang ajam dan arab menjadi BOSAN. Dan BULAN PURNAMA jika dia tidak HILANG pasti tidak akan dinantikan oleh org yg meNANTIkannya"

3. Sometimes, by writing, we love to relate our thought with Al-Qur'an and Sunna, which become the most authentic sources and references. By connecting them, (my way of thinking with Al-qur'an n sunna) I can prevent myself from going astray by knowledge. Alaa.. macam penulisan time skolah2 dulu.. kene ade bukti, contoh, dalil.. barula lengkap sesuatu tulisan tu kn? Cantiknya penyusunan Allah, semuanya ada marhalah2 dan tahap2nya. :D

تركت فيكم شيئين، لن تضلّو بعدهما: كتاب الله و سنّتى Aku tinggalkan kpd kamu 2 perkara, kamu tidak akan sesat selepas kedua-duanya: Kitab Allah (Alqur'an) dan sunnahku." [riwayat alhakim]

4. Through writing, we emphasize the content. So, perlu kepada pemikiran yg kreatif dan kritis. Perlu kepada pembacaan yg meluas dan termasuk juga perlu kepada intonasi dan susun atur kata. All of this can make value of a person risen. Dari tidak tahu kepada tahu, dari tahu kepada mahu. Hidup perlu ada peningkatan..(walaupun kadang2 org kata hidup ibarat roda..agak2 boleh di terima x?)

5. Menulis boleh mempengaruhi dunia! Pena itu lebih tajam dari pedang.. Tulisan membawa pembaca berfikir, menela3ah dan menghayati kandungannya. Sesuatu yg amat bermanfaat jika dikongsi, akan mengundang pahala dan ganjaran disisi Allah. (ONLY if the intention is purely lillahi ta3ala)

6. Blogging had shaped me to be more sensitive to what happened to my life currently, and I feel enthusiasm to put the morals behind today's act to be reflected upon a.k.a Berblog membantu diri saya bermuhasabah! Mana tahu, bila dilanda badai futur, belek2 blog, boleh bersemangat kembali...

7. Blogging ties me n other bloggers. Luasnya alam Allah ini. Realiti, fantasi dan juga maya!Masya allah.. tapi hakikatnya.. semuanya FANA.. alam akhirat yg kekal abadi.

13. Wahai umat manusia! Sesungguhnya Kami telah menciptakan kamu dari lelaki dan perempuan, dan Kami telah menjadikan kamu berbagai bangsa dan bersuku puak, supaya kamu berkenal-kenalan (dan beramah mesra antara satu Dengan Yang lain). Sesungguhnya semulia-mulia kamu di sisi Allah ialah orang Yang lebih taqwanya di antara kamu, (bukan Yang lebih keturunan atau bangsanya). Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Mengetahui, lagi Maha mendalam pengetahuannya (akan keadaan dan amalan kamu). [49:13]