.: Quote for da day :.

Tanggalkanlah pakaian duka cita dan putus asa,
Lantas pakailah pakaian jihad dgn AKTIF, tanpa MALAS,
Perhalusi kematian sbg satu seni sehingga anda tahu bagaimana menghirupnya apabila tiada jalan lain,
Tanpa ketakutan

- Dr Yusuf AlQardhawi.

Friday, June 27, 2008


Bismillahirrahmanirraheem.. in da name of Allah da Most Gracious Most Merciful..

For the past few years, b4 I started to involve in this world of blogging, I've asked myself, why am I blogging? What would I get? As I'm not really interested in writing :D (honestly, i'm not that talented!), so why should I do the things that I'm not enjoyed of?. People around me - collage students have influenced me a lot (especially my sister, almost in everything she is ahead of the times.) I knew what the word blog means through Friendster, the internet social network-an online community that connects people through networks of friends for dating or making new friends.Then I realized that the blog is some sort of diary but 'modified' diary (which can give other people read da content ^^)by surfing through my friends writing in their blogs. This thought occupy all my perspective about blog. With blogging, I just can tell people what did I do today,what dress I wore, what people called me..in short>>>what happen in my life.. it was just that? That's why I feel 'blogger' is not a suitable term to recognize me.

But things turn 180° around when I think about pro n cons in writing...weighing what served best...and at the end, da thought that actually writing can bring a great impact to society, thus to the world won! In addition that being a da3ie we should be equipped with variety of soft skills and talents, rite? The world is in progress.. I can't let my self left behind!

But..I never put my thought in form of words..even there is a diary-my 1st prize coloring contest, which my sister won the 3rd prize ^^, I still can't write my thought in it. And at last the diary become my book of Qur'anic translation. "Hey, don't look it as a no indeed! Why not give myself a chance? It is worth trying? Don't ever think about it.. just give yourself a knock out"~my inner voice whispered..Insya Allah, if the intention is right, the way would be easy..

So, here I come, posting to this blog by a few causes, wanna know what? Okay, there you go...

1st: To be a productive person, we should try something new and dare to bear the risk (even to put out what we dislike).Dare to change!

2nd: To win a heart, we should try all the path to it whole heartedly.(the philosophy of a da3ie)Actually, i'm trying to win my heart first, so that it would be easy to win others. Can this formula bring into a play?

3rd: I want to make this blog useful by sharing my thought for the day, why I felt comfort and peace by embracing Islam, how to face the obstacles by the 'emaan' point of view, and the most important, I hope that with blogging, I can purify myself with all the reflection (muhasabah) either through songs, articles, or comment from others.To sum up..I want to SHARE. (^^)

4th: Allah made us, accompanied us with knowledge to make us more close to Him, to make us aware of our true meaning of existance. May this tiny knowledge of blogging and sharing made us realized that all things that we have, give and know is all belong to His Mercy and His Graciousness. Subhanallah...

That was all about my mission statements for building up this site. May allah accept it as a good deed and it cost a lot on my mizaan during the hereafter. Ameen.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Syariah, sejauh mana kita tahu dan amalkan?

Masih ingatkah kalian dgn nadwah yg julung kali diadakan di Dewan Muktamar Fakulti Perubatan Universiti Tanta, berhari² yg lepas? Nak tahu apakah yg dibincangkn? Ikuti serba sedikit laporan dari pelajar yg berkesempatan utk hadir di sana..

moga di sana ada manfaatnya.. :D

Read more here..

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

بسم الله توكّلت على الله

The day has come.. The physiology written xam is coming around..

~Credits to McD 4 dis song :D It means a lot to me~

Monday, June 23, 2008

B4 Closing The Eye

Muhasabah & reflection Session..


Sebelum Mata Terlena
Di Buaian Malam Gelita
Tafakurku Di Pembaringan
Mengenangkan Nasib Diri

Yang Kerdil Lemah Dan Bersalut Dosa
Mampukah Ku Mengharungi Titian Sirat Nanti
Membawa Dosa Yang Menggunung Tinggi
Terkapai Ku Mencari Limpahan Hidayah Mu

Agar Terlerai Kesangsian Hati Ini
Sekadar Air Mata Tak Mampu
Membasuhi Dosa Ini

Sebelum Mata Terlena
Dengarlah Rintihan Hati Ini
Tuhan Beratnya Dosaku
Tak Daya Ku Pikul Sendiri

Hanyalah Rahmat Dan Kasih Sayang Mu
Yang Dapat Meringankan Hulurkan Maghfirah Mu
Andainya Esok Bukan Milikku Lagi
Dan Mata Pun Ku Tak Pasti Akan Terbuka Lagi

Sebelum Berangkat Pergi Ke Daerah Sana
Lepaskan Beban Ini
Yang Mencengkam Jiwa Dan Raga Ku

Selimuti Diriku
Dengan Sutra Kasih Sayang Mu
Agar Lena Nanti Ku Mimpikan
Syurga Yang Indah Abadi

Pabila Ku Terjaga
Dapat Lagi Kurasai
Betapa Harumnya
Wangian Syurga Firdausi.. Oh Ilahi

Di Sepertiga Malam
Sujudku Menghambakan Diri
Akan Ku Teruskan Pengabdianku Pada Mu

by: Hijjaz ~ KeizinanMu

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Tale of Two Sisters

Assalam3aleyk.. todays entry is one of heart-warming stories. A friend of mine had share this with me, but I thought it also a pleasure to share it here. :D

Her cheeks were worn and sunken, and her skin hugged her bones. That didn't stop her because you could never catch her not reciting Qur'an. She was always vigil in her personal prayer room that our father had set up for her. Bowing, prostrating, raising her hands in prayer, was the way she was from dawn to sunset and back again; boredom was for other people.

As for me, I craved nothing more than fashion magazines and novels. I treated myself to videos until the trips to the rental place became my trademark. It's a saying that when something becomes habit, people tend to distinguish you by it. I was negligent in my responsibilities and my salah was characterized by laziness.

One night, after a long three hours of watching, I turned the video off. The adhan rose softly in the quiet night. I slipped peacefully into my blanket.

Her voice called me from her prayer room. "Yes? Would you like anything Noorah?" I asked.

With a sharp needle she popped my plans. "Don't sleep before you pray Fajr!"

Agghh! "There's still an hour before Fajr. That was only the first adhan," I said.

With those loving pinches of hers, she called me closer. She was like that even before the fierce sickness shook her spirit and shut her in bed. "Hanan, can you come sit beside me."

I could never refuse any of her requests; you could touch the purity and sincerity in her. "Yes, Noorah?"

"Please sit here."

"Alright, I'm sitting. What's on your mind?"

With the sweetest mono voice she began reciting:

Every soul shall taste death and you will merely be repaid your earnings on the Day of Resurrection.

She stopped thoughtfully. Then she asked, "Do you believe in death?"

"Of course I do," I replied.

"Do you believe that you shall be responsible for whatever you do, regardless of how small or large?"

"I do, but Allah is Forgiving and Merciful, and I've got a long life waiting for me."

"Stop it Hanan! Are you not afraid of death and its abruptness? Take a look at Hind. She was younger than you but she died in a car accident. Death is age-blind and your age could never be a measure of when you shall die."

The darkness of the room filled my skin with fear. "I'm scared of the dark and now you made me scared of death. How am I supposed to go to sleep now? Noorah, I thought you promised you'd go with us on vacation during the summer break."

Her voice broke and her heart quivered. "I might be going on a long trip this year Hanan, but somewhere else. All of our lives are in Allah's hands and we all belong to Him."

My eyes welled and the tears slipped down both cheeks. I pondered my sisters grizzly sickness. The doctors had informed my father in private that there was not much hope Noorah was going to outlive the disease. She wasn't told, so I wondered who hinted to her. Or was it that she could sense the truth?

"What are you thinking about Hanan?" Her voice was sharp. "Do you think I am just saying this because I am sick? I hope not. In fact, I may live longer than people who are not sick. How long are you going to live Hanan? Perhaps twenty years? Maybe forty? Then what?" Through the dark she reached for my hand and squeezed gently. "There's no difference between us; we're all going to leave this world to live in Paradise or agonize in Hell. Listen to the words of Allah:

Anyone who is pushed away from the Fire and shown into Jannah will have triumphed.

I left my sister's room dazed, her words ringing in my ears: "May Allah guide you Hanan - don't forget your prayer."

I heard pounding on my door at eight o'clock in the morning. I don't usually wake up at this time. There was crying and confusion. O Allah, what happened?

Noorah's condition became critical after Fajr; they took her to the hospital immediately.

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'oon.

There wasn't going to be any trips this summer. It was written that I would spend the summer at home.

It felt like an eternity had gone by when it was one o'clock in the afternoon. Mother phoned the hospital.

"Yes. You can come and see her now." Dad's voice had changed, and mother could sense something had gone deathly wrong. We left immediately.

Where was that avenue I used to travel and thought was so short? Why was it so very long now? Where was the cherished crowd and traffic that would give me a chance to gaze left and right? Everyone, just move out of our way!

Mother was shaking her head in her hands crying as she made du'a for her Noorah. We arrived at the hospital's main entrance. One man was moaning, while another was involved in an accident. A third man's eyes were iced. You couldn't tell if he was dead or alive.

Noorah was in intensive care. We skipped stairs to her floor. The nurse approached us. "Let me take you to her."

As we walked down the aisles the nurse went on expressing how sweet of a girl Noorah was. She somewhat reassured Mother that Noorah's condition had gotten better than what it was in the morning. "Sorry. No more than one visitor at a time," the nurse said.

This was the intensive care unit. Past the flurry white robes, through the small window in the door, I caught my sister's eyes. Mother was standing beside her. After about two minutes, mother came out unable to control her crying. "You may enter and say salaam to her on the condition that you do not speak too long," they told me. "Two minutes should be enough."

"How are you Noorah? You were fine last night sister, what happened?"

We held hands; she squeezed harmlessly. "Even now, alhamdulillah, I'm doing fine."

"Alhamdulillah. ...but... your hands are so cold."

I sat on her bedside and rested my fingers on her knee. She jerked it away. "Sorry, did I hurt you?"

"No, it is just that I remembered Allah's words."

Waltafatul saaqu bil saaq (One leg will be wrapped to the other leg [in the death shroud]).

"Hanan pray for me. I may be meeting the first day of the Hereafter very soon. It's a long journey and I haven't prepared enough good deeds in my suitcase."

A tear escaped my eye and ran down my cheek at her words. I cried and she joined me. The room blurred away and left us two sisters to cry together. Rivulets of tears splashed down on my sister's palm, which I held with both hands. Dad was now becoming more worried about me. I've never cried like that before.

At home and upstairs in my room, I watched the sun pass away with a sorrowful day. Silence mingled in our corridors. One after another, my cousins came in my room. The visitors were many and all the voices from downstairs stirred together. Only one thing was clear at that point – Noorah had died!

I stopped distinguishing who came and who went. I couldn't remember what they said. O Allah, where was I? What was going on? I couldn't even cry anymore.

Later that week they told me what had happened. Dad had taken my hand to say goodbye to my sister for the last time. I had kissed Noorah's head.

I remember only one thing while seeing her spread on that bed – the bed that she was going to die on. I remembered the verse she recited:

One leg will be wrapped to the other leg (in the death shroud).

And I knew too well the truth of the next verse:

The drive on that day will be to your Lord (Allah)!

I tiptoed into her prayer room that night. Staring at the quiet dressers and silenced mirrors, I treasured the person that had shared my mother's stomach with me. Noorah was my twin sister.

I remembered who I had swapped sorrows with, who comforted my rainy days. I remembered who prayed for my guidance and who spent so many tears for many long nights telling me about death and accountability. May Allah save us all.

Tonight is Noorah's first night that she shall spend in her tomb. O Allah, have mercy on her and illumine her grave. This was her Qur'an and her prayer mat. And this was the spring, rose-colored dress that she told me she would hide until she got married; the dress she wanted to keep just for her husband.

I remembered my sister and cried over all the days that I had lost. I prayed to Allah to have mercy on me, accept me and forgive me. I prayed to Allah to keep her firm in her grave as she always liked to mention in her supplications.

At that moment, I stopped. I asked myself what if it was I who had died. Where would I be moving on to? Fear pressed me and the tears began all over again.

"Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar…" The first adhan rose softly from the masjid. It sounded so beautiful this time. I felt calm and relaxed as I repeated the mu'adhin's call. I wrapped the shawl around my shoulders and stood to pray Fajr. I prayed as if it was my last prayer, a farewell prayer, just like Noorah had done yesterday. It had been her last Fajr.

Now, and in sha Allah for the rest of my life, if I awake in the morning I do not count on being alive by evening, and in the evening I do not count on being alive by morning. We are all going on Noorah's journey. What have we prepared for it?

by Muhammad Alshareef
------------ --------

*Muhammad Alshareef's final speech at the 1999 MYNA East Zone Conference.

Shaykh Jami states:

It is incumbent (obligatory) on the intelligent person to model himself on the characteristics of the Prophets and the saints, and to conduct himself in accordance with their exemplary patterns of behaviour.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Life & The Book

How many words she’s read before, she’s consumed two thousand books or more.
Musty pulp and glue soundproof her tiny room.
She cannot understand why this book in her hand
fascinates her now so much that she’s almost shy to touch.
“Don’t think about the words it’s just a book - paper and ink”
She reaffirms, remind herself, “a book can’t dictate what to think.”
It invites, intrigues her more than others on her shelf
“Is it just another book?” - she sits questioning herself.

Oh Allah, she’s so afraid to read,
the wisdom that’s revealed may burrow in her mind
She’ll be obliged to admit,
She’ll be obliged to submit
But will she be strong enough to live the truth she finds?
Oh Allah, she’s so afraid to read.

The hall light is always on every night that he is gone.
He hears his mother toss in bed when he slips in at dawn.
In the book case by the stair, he can see it sitting there
like a waiting watchful wise-man scolding him with care.
In the morning will they fight about him being out all night?
Will he resent their gift of love and not admit that they are right?
All he wants is to fit in some place, but must he compromise his faith?
He can’t look himself or his parents in the face.
He takes the book upstairs unread and sets it closed next to his head
then counts the prayers he’s missed and lays so hopelessly in bed.

Oh Allah, he’s so afraid to read,
the wisdom that’s revealed may burrow in his mind
He’ll be obliged to admit,
He’ll be obliged to submit
But will he be strong enough to live the truth he finds?
Oh Allah, he’s so afraid to read.

I sent an email to my loved one, just the other day
It’s sad communication has evolved this way.
We use so many words but have so little to relay
as angels scribble down every letter that we say.
All the viral attachments sent and passionate insults we vent
It’s easy to be arrogant behind user passwords we invent.
But on the day the scrolls are laid, with every word and deed displayed,
when we read our accounts, I know, for one, I’ll be afraid.

That day I’ll be so afraid to read,
every harsh word that I’ve spoken - and every time that I've lied.
I’ll be obliged to admit,
I’ll be obliged to submit
Will I have strength owning up to each deed I’ve tried to hide?
Oh Allah, I’m so afraid to read.

by: Dawud Wharnsby Ali

Friday, June 20, 2008

و حشتنى قوى Wahisyteeni Awi!! I miss U so much!

This time, I'm going to emphasize about a value of Ukhuwwah, which I found, pondered and felt so precious to be wasted away.

Aku merinduinya bukan kerana harta yg ada padanya..bukan kerana dia tergolong dari golongan yg berpangkat dan berjawatan, bukan kerana wajah cantik dan ayunya, tapi yg menyebabkan aku betul² rindu, yg menyebabkan hatiku terikat dgn hatinya adalah kerana akhlaqnya..Ya, dia memiliki sifat insan yg biasa, penuh dgn kesederhanaan, pernah melakukan kesalahan, tetapi senantiasa cuba memperbaiki diri. Dia jarang berkata-kata, but every words that she tried to deliver, always warmly welcomed. Dan yg paling UTAMA dia, secara sedar ataupun tidak, sentiasa mengingatkan diriku dgn tarbiyah-bahawa ia MESTI merangkumi 3 fakulti insan JASMANI, ROHANI & AQLI dan perilakunya selalu mempamerkan hakikat bahawa manusia ini tidak pernah sempurna, tetapi haruslah berusaha mencapai kesempurnaan dgn taqwa. [Tepat mengenai batang hidungku!]

1. Demi Masa!

2. Sesungguhnya manusia itu Dalam kerugian -

3. kecuali orang-orang Yang beriman dan beramal soleh, dan mereka pula berpesan-pesan Dengan kebenaran serta berpesan-pesan Dengan sabar. [103:1-3]

Baru ku sedar, aku senang sekali saling berpesan² dgnnya..jika aku jatuh, xperlu aku menggapai tangan memohon pertolongan. Allah dtgkan dia utk membantu aku bangkit kembali. Tatkala dia jatuh, senantiasa hati aku diamuk resah, terasa tika itu dia betul² memerlukan aku. (semacam receptor dan ligand pula persis ikatan ini :D)

"Perumpamaan org yg beriman dlm kasih sayang , belas kasihan dan dan lemah-lembutnya ibarat satu tubuh, apabila salah satu anggotanya mengadu kesakitan, semua anggota lain turut berjaga malam dan demam." [Muttafaqun 3alaih]

Mengapa begitu? Rupanya dia takut sekali tergolong dlm golongan yg merugi. SUNGGUH HALUS TARBIYAHMU sahabatku!!
Pernahkah kita merasa keindahan dan kemanisan berukhuwwah? Terfikirkah kita sedetik mengapa ianya terbit? Jika tidak pernah, bagaimana utk merasainya?(Memang rugi kalo x penah rasa)


1. Kerana asas dan tapaknya adalah dasar iman dan aqidah.
(Pastikan landasan ukhuwah kita ,agar kita x tersasar)

2. Coz both realized that to be lived in this world, we can never be alone. Setiap org perlukan teman sbg pelengkap. Malam ada siangnya, jatuh ada bangunnya.

71. dan orang-orang Yang beriman, lelaki dan perempuan, setengahnya menjadi Penolong bagi setengahnya Yang lain; mereka menyuruh berbuat kebaikan, dan melarang daripada berbuat kejahatan; dan mereka mendirikan sembahyang dan memberi zakat, serta taat kepada Allah dan RasulNya. mereka itu akan diberi rahmat oleh Allah; Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Kuasa, lagi Maha Bijaksana. [9:71]

3. Coz both valued this relationship and hoped it will remain in hereafter.

الأخلاء يومئذ بعضهم لبعض عدوّ الاّ المتقين
"Teman akrab pada hari itu sebahagiannya menjadi musuh kpd sbhg yg lain kecuali org yg bertaqwa." [43:67]

4. Kerana kedua² pihak sedar hakikat perhambaan kpd Allah.

وكونو عباد الله اخوانا
"Dan jadilah kamu hamba Allah yg bersaudara"


Hadith ke-35 dari Hadith 40 byk menguraikan persaudaraan sesama muslim dan hak² seorang Muslim.

Rindunya aku pada hati² yg ikhlas berukhuwah fillah lillah. Hope I can preserve & treasure it..Wallahua3lam..

Thursday, June 19, 2008


All praise is due to Allah s.w.t, the Rabb of mankind, jinn and all that exist. May the please & blessing of Allah be upon our Prophet (pbuh), the Seal of all Messengers, Muhammad, his family, Companions and all those who follow him till the Day of Judgment ~ Ameen..

Allah s.w.t has brought this great universe into existence to a precise system, and has connected this universal system with man's actions, good or otherwise; so that any form of corruption man does, its defects the universe proportionally.

The perfection of universe is depends on gaining Allah's pleasure. While us, being His slave should know what He loves and approves of, to do and what He abhors, to avoid. Therefore, in order to let us know, He sent Messengers and supported them with Devine revelations (wahyu) to give good news to those who obey them, and warn those who against them.

Dr. & Prof from Al-Azhar held a conference
in our Conference Hall. I'm proud of it (^^!)..
It's Ok to be proud of?

157. "Those who follow the apostle, the unlettered Prophet, whom They find mentioned In their own (scriptures), - In the law and the Gospel;- for He commands them what is just and forbids them what is evil; He allows them As lawful what is good (and pure) and prohibits them from what is bad (and impure); He releases them from their heavy burdens and from the yokes that are upon them. so it is those who believe In him, honour him, help him, and follow the light which is sent down with him,- it is They who will prosper."

158. Day: "O men! I am sent unto you all, As the Messenger of Allah, to whom belongeth the dominion of the heavens and the earth: there is no god but He: it is He that giveth both life and death. So believe In Allah and His Messenger, the unlettered Prophet, who believeth In Allah and His words: follow Him that (so) ye may be guided." [7:157-158]

Since divine message has discontinued by the mission of our Prophet, Muhammad (pbuh), people need someone to clarify their Deen, and teach them its rituals. Due to His mercy, every age and every place, Allah provide them a Muslim who carries this great responsibility in accordance with the methodology of the Pious Predecessors (org² terdahulu - sahabat & tabi3-tabi3in), and according to the need of those Muslims to explain the science of Shari3ah in their own language, a clear & simple style, which helps them strengthen their ties with Allah s.w.t and make clear what may confuse them.

Hence, it is necessarily for Muslim (especially those who are in the field of Shari3ah, but not to pin point only to them-every Muslim has its role) to deliver this divine message to people in a simple but concise manner. This will reveal that Islam is truly a comprehensive and the chosen one, thus Islam is the way of life through embracing it, Insha Allah, we will be pleased by entering His Heaven…

3. ……pada hari ini, Aku telah sempurnakan bagi kamu agama kamu, dan Aku telah cukupkan nikmatKu kepada kamu, dan Aku telah redha Islam itu menjadi agama untuk kamu. Maka sesiapa Yang terpaksa kerana kelaparan (memakan benda-benda Yang diharamkan) sedang ia tidak cenderung hendak melakukan dosa (maka bolehlah ia memakannya), kerana Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Pengampun, lagi Maha Mengasihani. [5:3]

Credits to Meaning & Conditions of The Two Testimonies (syahadatain) compilation by Mahmoud R. Murad.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The patter of tiny feet

A birth means a lot to a family, especially to a married couple. Meaning, the life is going to be more exciting, action packed and enthralling. It was delighted to share this happiness with others rite?
So many things could be concluded within this episode of life. Therefore, I've took home some thoughts during my journey paying a couple of newbies a visit yesterday :D :

1. Lahirnya kita di dunia disambut dgn azan, matinya kita diiringi dgn solah.. antara azan dan solah itu, betapa singkatnya hidup ini.

Rasulullah saw ada bersabda:
" Apalah aku ini dgn dunia! sesungguhnya perumpamaan diriku dan dunia ibarat seperti seorang musafir, tidur sejenak di siang hari, dibawah pokok utk berehat kemudian meneruskan perjalanan dan meninggalkannya."

Memang! hidup ini singkat dan sebentar cuma. Tapi ramai yg terperdaya, berlumba-lumba meraih kesenangan dunia. Irama nasyid Raihan, ingat 5 perkara sebelum 5 perkara hanya meniti sahaja dibibir, dialunkan tatkala kebosanan. Masih ingatkah kita bait² rangkapnya?

Sihat sebelum sakit
Muda sebelum tua
Kaya sebelum miskin
Lapang sebelum sempit
Hidup sebelum mati

Maka,beruntunglah org² yg bertaqwa dan berfikir.

2. Bayi yg baru lahir di dunia bersih dari segala dosa, ibarat kain putih..ibu bapa dan amalannya yg mencorakkannya. Apa pula khabar 'kain' kita? Islam dan Imankah corak dan warnanya? Sudah pudarkah warnanya?Atau kotor dicalit Islam dan Iman palsu?

3. Kelahiran juga memberi makna pertambahan tanggungjawab si ayah dan si ibu. Ingat, hidup sentiasa terus dan mencabar. Daripada hanya tanggungjawab sebagai seorang anak, bertambah dgn tanggungjawab sbg seorang pelajar, if married, put in a duty of husband & wife, if giving birth, add on a task of raising children.. terutamanya dlm keadaan dunia yg semakin meruncing, jasmani dan rohani.. What should we do? Just grieve over?

To sum up, كل نفس ذآ ئقة الموت 3:185 Sebaik2 bekalan adalah taqwa.. Selamat bermujahadah wahai diri~

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Whoaaa... I'm back!!


It was such a long time I never been posting to this column of blog.. the last time was when I was still a 'freshy' in UIA pj.. what a memorable time..and that was my 1st step to 'berjinak-jinak' with world of blog.. by the time passed by, I've been furthering my study to Egypt. Although my house was well equipped with internet, I still didn't have intention to keep on with it..

But today, Allah gave me HIS mercy, this column had been filled with my post. There is nothing to say than I've been so thankful that HE give me plenty of time to bear this in my mind:
Who am I? Why I've been here? And where will I return to?

And for the update, I'm now struggling for my final year examination ( final xam for 2nd yr :D) May it goes smoothly. Pray for me. I really need your prayer. 4 down...4 to go!!
Gambatte kudasai~شد حلك

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Elaun pelajar tajaan Mara di Mesir dinaikkan

KUALA LUMPUR 11 Jun – Sebanyak 436 penuntut tajaan Majlis Amanah Rakyat (Mara) yang sedang mengikuti pengajian dalam bidang perubatan di Mesir kini menerima kadar kenaikan elaun sara hidup yang baru iaitu daripada AS$224 (RM732.48) kepada AS$420 (RM1,373.4) sebulan.

Menteri Pembangunan Usahawan dan Koperasi, Datuk Noh Omar berkata, kenaikan itu berkuatkuasa mulai 1 April lepas.

Selain sara hidup itu, beberapa kadar elaun lain juga dinaikkan sehingga 90 peratus, antaranya elaun buku, elaun alat perkakas, elaun penempatan, elaun pengajian akhir dan elaun pakaian, katanya dalam satu kenyataan di-0 sini hari ini.

Beliau berkata, elaun buku dinaikkan daripada AS$175 (RM572.25) kepada AS$300 (RM981) setahun, elaun alat perkakas daripada AS$88 (RM287.76) kepada AS$150 (RM490.5) setahun dan elaun penempatan daripada AS$336 (RM1,098.72) kepada AS$630 (RM2,060.1) yang dibayar sekali sahaja. - Bernama



Alhamdulillah hari ini, 7 Jun 2008 bangunan asrama MARA Iskandariah dengan sempurnanya telah dirasmikan oleh Yang Berhormat Dato' Noh bin Hj Omar, Menteri Pembangunan Usahawan dan Koperasi pada majlis perasmian yang bermula pada jam 3 petang tadi. Asrama yang mampu menempatkan lebih kurang 154 orang pelajar ini insyaAllah akan mengatasi masalah-masalah yang mungkin timbul mengenai penempatan pelajar-pelajar tahun 1 yang akan tiba pada bulan September nanti.
Alhamdulillah, Yang Berhormat Dato' juga turut mengumumkan kenaikan elaun pelajar tajaan MARA di Mesir yang berkuat kuasa pada bulan April 2008. Sememangnya inilah berita yang ditunggu-tunggu oleh kita semua dan kita seharusnya bersyukur ke hadrat Allah SWT atas nikmat yang telah diberikan khususnya berita gembira ini.
Di bawah ini saya nyatakan jumlah elaun yang baru dan perbezaannya dengan elaun kita yang lama;

Bil Jenis elaun Kadar lama Kadar baru Perbezaan USD USD USD
1 Elaun sara hidup ESH bulanan 224 420 196
2 Elaun buku DLBP tahunan 175 300 125
3 Elaun alat perkakas DLPL tahunan 88 150 62
4 Elaun penempatan DLEP sekali 336 630 294
5 Elauan akhir pengajian DLBL sekali 134 252 118
6 Elaun pakaian DLPA sekali RM 750 RM 1200 RM 450

NOTA: berkuat kuasa mulai APRIL 2008

Walaupun kenaikan elaun ini telah pun bermula pada bulan April tahun ini, namun jumlah elaun yang kita terima pada beberapa bulan pertama ini mungkin masih sama dengan jumlah elaun yang lama,seperti mana sistem di negara-negara lain juga, pelajar-pelajar mungkin akan menerima jumlah yang selebihnya ataupun tunggakan tersebut sekaligus dalam jumlah yang besar. Butiran-butiran yang lanjut dan lebih tepat akan diberitahu kemudian.

Disini juga dinasihatkan agar kita sentiasa bersederhana seperti mana biasa terutamanya dalam hal sewa rumah. Seperti yang kita sedia maklum,masyarakat disini mungkin akan mengambil kesempatan untuk menaikkan sewa rumah-rumah kita sekiranya mereka tahu yang kita sebenarnya mampu untuk membayar sewa yang tinggi. Oleh itu, hendaklah kita merancang perbelanjaan sebaik mungkin dan mengekalkan jumlah yang biasa kita bayar bagi sewa rumah iaitu lebih kurang LE 300 maksimum sebulan untuk seorang demi untuk menjaga kemaslahatan kita bersama.
Jutaan terima kasih diucapkan kepada semua yang terlibat dalam menjayakan majlis perasmian tadi sama ada secara langsung atau tidak langsung. Semoga kenaikan elaun kita ini meningkatkan lagi semangat kita untuk terus bersungguh-sungguh dalam mengejar cita-cita dan tidak mudah patah semangat walau banyak rintangan dan ujian yang melanda. Sekian terima kasih.Selamat maju jaya..

Exco Sukan dan Aktiviti Luar.

* N.B: Includes all schemes (SPC & SPT)