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Tanggalkanlah pakaian duka cita dan putus asa,
Lantas pakailah pakaian jihad dgn AKTIF, tanpa MALAS,
Perhalusi kematian sbg satu seni sehingga anda tahu bagaimana menghirupnya apabila tiada jalan lain,
Tanpa ketakutan

- Dr Yusuf AlQardhawi.

Friday, August 24, 2012

From A Doctor's Heart

Sleepless night, big bright lights
Books and bloods are my friends, I had to know all the current trends
I cried a lot, I suffer a lot, throughout the journey, I did not leave the plot
Serving is my mission, care is my vision, even with the pain, medicine is my passion
I stayed far from my family, did not get all the love, 
I touched the diseases many times without a single glove
I may seem to be making money, but do not forget I have to leave my hubby
I get up early and sleep very late, just to make sure that I change your fate
I hold your hand when you need, forgetting at times I needed to feed
I love what I do, but still fear the sue
I am the one on the run, who always missing all the fun
Never tired, always hired
When I get calls, for somebody who falls
I get up to make you stand, and always greet you by shaking hands
I may fly wavy like a helicopter, believe it or not I am your doctor!

Doctors around you go through a lot to make you happy, do appreciate their work!

Bila ntah nk ada Hari Doktor? @-@


ARMS said...

Hari-hari hari doktor..
hari doktor=berkhidmat untuk yang memerlukan!~~

RIndu nak jumpa Dr. Nurulhuda~

hood@sunny said...

I laaagi rindu you~ hari-hari tgk YM, you x online :'(

ARMS said...

yeke u!
terharu i...
besalah bila balik rumah baru tu tenet agak semput2... so amat tipis harapan utk bersua di ym...

kalu online selalu tu maknanya kt kolej...