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Tanggalkanlah pakaian duka cita dan putus asa,
Lantas pakailah pakaian jihad dgn AKTIF, tanpa MALAS,
Perhalusi kematian sbg satu seni sehingga anda tahu bagaimana menghirupnya apabila tiada jalan lain,
Tanpa ketakutan

- Dr Yusuf AlQardhawi.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Yard sale!

-Welcome to 'not our yard' area-

Today as planned, my house mates & me held the so called 'yard sale'. What? Yard sale? Apa tu? It literally means selling off your belongings for almost up to 100% discount. There are 1st hand, 2nd hand, even 3rd hands things sold here. Sounds exaggerated huh? ^__^ This term not quite familiar among Egyptians and especially Malaysians here.

-Plastic-based things are not cheap as in Malaysia-

Actually this idea started when one of my house mate couldn't return and study to Egypt after the Egyptian's revolution-Malaysians evacuation days. So, we had to pack her belongings and sell whatever possible to bear the cost of cargo of her important things. Ye la, balik hari tu terpaksa bawa 5kg je..

-They too are searching for the 100% discount things I've told ya-

What to do? Teringat cerita Toy Story yg characters dlm tu sgt fobia dan trauma bila dgr 'Yard sale'. Suppose this Yard Sale held in yard, but its hard to hold such event here, as the condition of streets and houses begitu tidak mengizinkan. Jadi, kami hanya men'display'kan barang2 di dlm bilik sahaja. No worries, bilik tu besar~ ^__^

About 7am, people started to come, picking what they want, what they need, plus get them with much much low prices! I was glad to see their faces, blooming in satisfactions.

-Bekaih duit-

We enjoyed packing her things, weighing whether to post them, sell them or just give them away, labeling the prices, collecting and arrange them. Sometimes it was hard to decide their prices! Ada ke org nk beli? Ok x harga ni? Kita bagi je lah, x boleh? But it was fun though. It was our new experience.

-Tinggal 1/6 drp total hangers-

In between time that no one comes, I sat down and pondered. This is just like when you are parting from this world, going to hereafter. Nothing left except your amal, your knowledges, and prayers from your righteous children. Bila ditanya kenapa jual barang-barang dia? Saya jawab, nk beli pun.. kebanyakan barang kami dah ada. Lagipun, lg 2 tahun dah nak balik Mesia, buat apa nk beli almari n katil bagai kn? Macam tulah kehidupan dunia. Kita dah nk dipanggil pulang, perlu apa lg mengaut keuntungan dunia?

-Almari 3 pintu, asam, KOPIKO & MILO 3in1 pun ada-

Alhamdulillah, let us call it a day. We had collected 1/2 of the expenses for the cargo fees. Another 1/2 to go. Pray for us.

Rabbuna yusahhilna~ :)

p/s: We had an unexpected holiday. 4 days in a row! ^___^ Ok, sila study~


mardhiahsabri said...

Huda, if I'm allowed to ask.. what had happened to your housemate?

hood@sunny said...

She'll further her study in Malaysia due to certain problem + circumstances here :)

Yeah~ you're always welcomed ^__^

Anonymous said...

Kita dah nk dipanggil pulang, perlu apa lg mengaut keuntungan dunia?

lagi 1 tahun 1/2, huhu, nak dekat dah..