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Tanggalkanlah pakaian duka cita dan putus asa,
Lantas pakailah pakaian jihad dgn AKTIF, tanpa MALAS,
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- Dr Yusuf AlQardhawi.

Friday, June 27, 2008


Bismillahirrahmanirraheem.. in da name of Allah da Most Gracious Most Merciful..

For the past few years, b4 I started to involve in this world of blogging, I've asked myself, why am I blogging? What would I get? As I'm not really interested in writing :D (honestly, i'm not that talented!), so why should I do the things that I'm not enjoyed of?. People around me - collage students have influenced me a lot (especially my sister, almost in everything she is ahead of the times.) I knew what the word blog means through Friendster, the internet social network-an online community that connects people through networks of friends for dating or making new friends.Then I realized that the blog is some sort of diary but 'modified' diary (which can give other people read da content ^^)by surfing through my friends writing in their blogs. This thought occupy all my perspective about blog. With blogging, I just can tell people what did I do today,what dress I wore, what people called me..in short>>>what happen in my life.. it was just that? That's why I feel 'blogger' is not a suitable term to recognize me.

But things turn 180° around when I think about pro n cons in writing...weighing what served best...and at the end, da thought that actually writing can bring a great impact to society, thus to the world won! In addition that being a da3ie we should be equipped with variety of soft skills and talents, rite? The world is in progress.. I can't let my self left behind!

But..I never put my thought in form of words..even there is a diary-my 1st prize coloring contest, which my sister won the 3rd prize ^^, I still can't write my thought in it. And at last the diary become my book of Qur'anic translation. "Hey, don't look it as a no indeed! Why not give myself a chance? It is worth trying? Don't ever think about it.. just give yourself a knock out"~my inner voice whispered..Insya Allah, if the intention is right, the way would be easy..

So, here I come, posting to this blog by a few causes, wanna know what? Okay, there you go...

1st: To be a productive person, we should try something new and dare to bear the risk (even to put out what we dislike).Dare to change!

2nd: To win a heart, we should try all the path to it whole heartedly.(the philosophy of a da3ie)Actually, i'm trying to win my heart first, so that it would be easy to win others. Can this formula bring into a play?

3rd: I want to make this blog useful by sharing my thought for the day, why I felt comfort and peace by embracing Islam, how to face the obstacles by the 'emaan' point of view, and the most important, I hope that with blogging, I can purify myself with all the reflection (muhasabah) either through songs, articles, or comment from others.To sum up..I want to SHARE. (^^)

4th: Allah made us, accompanied us with knowledge to make us more close to Him, to make us aware of our true meaning of existance. May this tiny knowledge of blogging and sharing made us realized that all things that we have, give and know is all belong to His Mercy and His Graciousness. Subhanallah...

That was all about my mission statements for building up this site. May allah accept it as a good deed and it cost a lot on my mizaan during the hereafter. Ameen.

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