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Tanggalkanlah pakaian duka cita dan putus asa,
Lantas pakailah pakaian jihad dgn AKTIF, tanpa MALAS,
Perhalusi kematian sbg satu seni sehingga anda tahu bagaimana menghirupnya apabila tiada jalan lain,
Tanpa ketakutan

- Dr Yusuf AlQardhawi.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Whoaaa... I'm back!!


It was such a long time I never been posting to this column of blog.. the last time was when I was still a 'freshy' in UIA pj.. what a memorable time..and that was my 1st step to 'berjinak-jinak' with world of blog.. by the time passed by, I've been furthering my study to Egypt. Although my house was well equipped with internet, I still didn't have intention to keep on with it..

But today, Allah gave me HIS mercy, this column had been filled with my post. There is nothing to say than I've been so thankful that HE give me plenty of time to bear this in my mind:
Who am I? Why I've been here? And where will I return to?

And for the update, I'm now struggling for my final year examination ( final xam for 2nd yr :D) May it goes smoothly. Pray for me. I really need your prayer. 4 down...4 to go!!
Gambatte kudasai~شد حلك

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Fatimah Adi said...

jazakillah khair 4 ur express visit to my blog.. waah, first sahibah yg komen. padahal ana baru launch my blog yesterday. doing well 4 ur study huda!!