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- Dr Yusuf AlQardhawi.

Friday, January 09, 2009

What to do??

Recently, I've revised bout CVS (cardiovascular system), getting 'em fresh in my mind, until I came across a disease or simply called a condition in which the atrial muscle (upper chamber of heart) gone fibrillation. Fibrillation?? What was that??

Normally, in our heart, there is a pacemaker (that obeys Allah truly, subhanallah) named S.A.Node, that control our heart beat. This pacemaker will send an electrical current, called action potential throughout the atria (2atrium, right and left) to initiate contraction, pushing our blood to the next chamber below; the ventricles (right & left). Each muscle obeys the role of them which Allah told them to. If 1 fibre contract, others will do the same too. This called, the syncytium action.

But in this fibrillation case, the each muscle act separately, ignoring the order from S.A.Node, thus making heart like a bag full of worm appearance. No effective contraction at all, making the blood stagnated in the atria.

Nowadays, not only cardiac muscle (heart muscle) undergo fibrillation, but Muslims around the world also having the same disease. Muslim don't unite together, hand in hand defeating the Kuffar and Jews. Each, living his own life, ignoring the call to unite, and have no sense to sympathizing the other Muslim. As long as they can live a peaceful life, there is enough food and medication, why should think for others?? Masya Allah~

War On Gaza it is not humanity at all...it was our own brother and sister who had been in terror!! As a human at least, how can we help the people in Gaza?? We have many ways to help them:

1- Ask Allah to help them.
2- If you are a blogger, blog about it. Stay level and smart, respond to hate comments wisely and smartly. If you use Twitter, tweet about it.

3- Do not deal with Israeli & American products or restaurants ( America supports Israel) BOYCOTT!!!
4- Send to them medical aid if you can.

5- If you are part of Global Voices then translate articles and educate the rest of the world.

6- If you live in a country where you can change your politics, rally and lobby for the cause.

7- If you are a teacher, father, mother, brother or sister, teach our younger generations and pass the messages of Palestine & Palestinians.

May Allah help Islam , Muslims in Palestine and all around the world~ Ameen..


fawwaz_1811 said...

well said huda!!!
1st time visiting...can agree more w u can i..:D

fawwaz_1811 said...

oops spell it wrong d 1st time nt "can" its suppose to be "cant" ..sorry..:P